Sunday, April 26, 2009

Whiskeytown Lake Sunday

So I decided to take Parker for a picnic lunch at Brandy Creek today. I needed to get out of the house and enjoy the sun since Budge is away in Mexico for Brian's wedding. Parker enjoyed his peas and bread. Yeah I know some lunch! He also enjoyed playing in the sand, throwing the sand everywhere and stacking everything he could find out of the diaper bag. I was very thankful that he did not eat any of the sand. Hope everyone is enjoying this gorgeous Sunday. Congrats Brian and Yvonne!!

Putting the sand on top of his baby food jar. Decides he wants nothing to do with sitting on the blanket!

I think I want to crawl on the dirt. Great, what a messy kid!

Yeah I got the stroller wheel!

Notice the change in outfit because he was filthy.

Dumping out the diaper bag.

To end our picnic this family of geese came over to say hi.

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Crawling, well, almost!!

I thoroughly enjoyed my spring break. I had a great time hanging out with Parker and being mom. We did end up going to Lake Tahoe for the last weekend of my break. We met Tim and Tania and Laura and Darren up there near Northstar. The weather was fabulous and I guess the snowboarding was too. I pretty much hung out in the Village with Parker, Tania and Doug. We had a really great time.

Updates with Parker: he got his 7th tooth, is almost crawling, is giggling like crazy and blows kisses to anyone he sees. He really is just the happiest baby and we feel so fortunate. I have included a video of his scooching/crawling. Now I have to baby proof this house. Enjoy the weekend!

Hanging out with Uncle Tim and Dad after Tim's little snowboarding accident. Hope your arm feels better soon!

After his first gondola ride, we had some lunch and Parker seems to really like the crust of pizza. I know not a healthy choice but he was happy.

I did not want him to get too much sun so I turned him away from me and we cut up some of the crust on a napkin on the table for him to grab. It was hilarious to see this little arm come out a grab a piece.

All of us at the lodge.

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Easter Weekend!

We had a great weekend and the weather was absolutely gorgeous. Budge, Parker and I went on a bike ride on the river trail on Saturday afternoon. Here are some photos from that wonderful family outing.

Dad do I have to wear the helmet??

He looks like he is actually listening to what Budge is saying. His expressions sometimes crack me up!

He is really into pointing at everything.

After our afternoon bike ride, my dad and Pam came up to visit and have some pizza with us.

He loves his Tonka Easter basket and throwing the eggs everywhere. I feel like that is all I have been doing lately, picking up plastic eggs.

Not too sure about the ears!
And now for Easter Sunday...
Mom, do I have to pose with you?

Check out the Cheerios. He has one hanging off his lip.

Dad, stop tickling me. I trying to eat.

To just relax in my highchair!

Being too cute.

Enjoying brunch outside!

Trying to put things together with Grandpa Brent!

Not to sure about the bunnies.

Then he cracks up!

And then he wants to grab them and throw them around the room too!

This is his Easter basket from daycare and he loves to play with it. Check out the teeth. He is getting so big!

Thanks for visiting. Grandma Mady we did not get any pics. Next time!! Lots of love to all our family and friends.

Friday, April 10, 2009

Almost Easter!

Spring break officially just started for me and I am so excited to just be mom. We have been healthy this past week and here are some photos from the other night. He did not take off the bunny ears at all. I will post more of him with the Easter Bunny and at Easter brunch with my family. Headed to Tahoe sometime this week.

He is really into pointing at everything. Not the cutest picture though!