Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Halloween!

Here are a few pictures of our little monster. I will get more at school today! Have a fabulous day.

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Pumpkin Patch!

We went to the Pumpkin Patch this afternoon. Yes you could say that we are slackers when it comes to picking pumpkins and decorating for this holiday. I was sort of disappointed with the pumpkin selection but we did find three that will be great to carve. Hope everyone enjoys their Halloween. The weather forecast says rain for Redding. No fun at all and to teach 20 first graders all day! Wow, wish me luck!

We got this outfit from a family friend for Parker's first Halloween. Pretty cute!

I love him so much! Got to love the look on his face!

Dad and Parker posing in the pumpkin patch.

Showing off the belly!

He enjoys chewing on his hands! Maybe he is teething again. Just in time for Budge to leave for Cancun in a couple of days. Lucky mom!

Eating Rice Cereal and Loving It!

Parker is starting to eat rice cereal. When we first fed it to him he did not like it one bit, but now he lunges forward for it. I am not sure when I am going introduce veggies and fruit. Probably sometime in the next week or two! Enjoy the pictures!

Picture from his first time in his high chair! Still not able to sit up by himself but he is working on it.

Rice cereal all over!

I had to put this in because Parker loves to hang out with Budge anytime he can. I also crack up at the fact that Budge is reading "What to Expect During the First Year". There is a first time for everything!

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Girls Weekend!

This weekend I had a mini reunion with some of my best girlfriends from college. I flew to LA and stayed with Andrea and Doug. Thanks for the great hospitality. On Saturday, I received the most amazing facial and had a wonderful dinner out. We went to visit Laurel with the twin, Joel and Hailey. Laurel you are a super mom. Kelly updated us on all the wedding haps which was so fun to hear. Can't wait to see you girls again soon!

Thanks for a great weekend!

So while I was in LA, Budge took care of Parker up in Lake Almanor. Here is a few photos from their weekend away. He took Parker for tons of hikes and just hung out with him. He did say it was a ton of work, but loved every minute. He is an amazing husband and father! I am very lucky!

Parker in the mountains!

My two favorite guys!

Couldn't resist this face!

Hanging out with Grandpa Bill!

Monday, October 20, 2008

Lake Almanor and future employee!

We went to Lake Almanor this past weekend and it was beautiful. Very cold. Next weekend I am headed to LA to hang out with the girls from college. It will be my first time away from the little guy. It will be tough. Enjoy the pictures!

Mom, why do you keep taking these pictures?

First trip to the local park. The slide was a kick!

I am tired. Need to take a nap because my parents are doing too much with me.

I love my new hat! Check out the thunder thighs!

We also celebrated Boss' Day at the office. Here are some pictures of the future employee! Thanks Susan for the pictures!

What's that you say? You have a property you would like me to sell.

Sure I would be happy to. I love work.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

4 Month Update!

Gosh, it is so hard for me to believe that four months has passed since Parker came into this world. Here is an update on Parker's stats, weight 19 pounds, 13.6 ounces, 27 inches long. He has his first bottom tooth. The doctor said he is a happy, healthy baby boy. Budge said that he laughed the entire appointment except for the shots.

We headed to Santa Rosa for a wedding this weekend. Grandma Mady was so kind to come up and watch the little man at our hotel while we went to the wedding. She said he was delight to babysit for. Maybe we will have to take her up on babysitting more often!

Hanging out at Simi winery before the wedding!

On Sunday, we met my Dad and Pam for brunch in Santa Rosa.

Grandpa Brent

Grandma Pam

Everything goes in the mouth.

After that, we headed to Sacramento to visit great grandma and grandpa. We stayed the night there and Parker did awesome although we still are working on sleeping through the entire night.

Great Grandma Jane. Parker loves hanging out with her!

Great Grandpa loves to watch movies and listen to music. He was playing a video for me and I got my own special seat.

Great Grandma and I. Thanks for letting us spend the night!

On Monday morning, we headed up to Lake Tahoe. The weather was goregous and so was the lake. We went to see great grandpa in Reno. While in Reno Budge could not pass up a trip to the Cabela's store. At least there was the aquarium and tons of wildlife to look at. Hunting is an interesting sport.

It was a little colder here than during the summer!

I really want to walk.

My first hike in the new backpack. As you can see it was cold with all the snow on the ground!

Not too sure about this!

Fell asleep on the hike!

I love hanging out with my Dad!

Enjoying the sunset from the deck.

Cabela's fish tank. Mom thinks this store could be trouble for Dad and I when I get older.

Great Grandpa Stan. I enjoyed meeting you.

I can lift myself up now!

Now we are headed up to Lake Almanor for a relaxing weekend in the mountains. Back to work on Monday. Hope everyone is doing well and enjoying the fall weather.

Monday, October 6, 2008

Sickness and Parenting

This was the first weekend that both Budge and I got sick with the stomach flu. Thank goodness it was on separate days. I unfortunately had to miss work today because of this. It is a struggle to be sick and have a 4 month old but we made the most of it. Here are some updated photos of the little guy. He has his four month shots on Friday and I will give you an update on his stats. Currently, he giggles, lifts his head when on his stomach, grabs and holds on to things. He also practices his lung capacity when he gets upset. We thought we had the sleeping through the night down but it does not look that way anymore.

Loves his Bumbo chair!

So serious!

Such a cutie!

Lifting his head.

Chowing down on his hand.