Thursday, July 29, 2010

5 More Weeks Until a Family of Four!

We have a fisherman on our hands!

First I would like to say that Parker has a cousin now. My sister had baby Riley on July 21st. We cannot wait to meet her!

Parker and I have been busy enjoying these last few weeks of summer and as mom and son. It is hard to imagine having another baby around, but people do it all the time. What is new with Parker? Well, he starts his new school on Monday and loves his backpack. He already can tell me what he is going to put in it. He is putting together sentences and remembers everything. We went to Sacramento with the Jones family minus the fathers. Grandma Linda was kind enough to watch the kiddos while Holly and I shopped. More like I looked since this belly is pretty big. We also got out of the heat and headed to Lake Almanor. I think we might head up to Shasta this weekend to enjoy the cooler temps. Next week it is back to the work schedule for me. Need to get ready for this long term sub. I do not have class kids until the 16th. Hope everyone is doing well.

Bryn and P at Fairytale Town in Sacramento. Really a great place to go!
Down the slide!

All ready for school! Thanks grandma Mady for the backpack!

What a messy child!
Good thing we could just go and run through the sprinklers!

On a side note we had to get rid of the red truck that Parker loves so much. With our family expanding, it just did not work out for us. We now have a Honda Pilot and love it.