Wednesday, June 23, 2010

So I will try and catch you up...

There is no excuse as to why I have not been blogging. Life has been crazy, but now that school is out I should be able to update you on the happenings in our household. Parker continues to amaze us each day. His vocabulary gets better and better each day, he is even putting together 2 or 3 word sentences.
We celebrated his 2nd birthday with family and a few friends. We chose a construction theme and Budge and I had this wild idea to make the cake from scratch. It turned out pretty well. I cannot believe that Parker is 2. Time really does fly.

The cake!
New sand and water table to play in.
Friends waiting for some dinner.

We have been busy this summer. First a trip to celebrate our dear friends Dave and Amanda get married in upstate New York. Parker was well taken care of by his grandmas.

Wishing you all the happiness in the world Dave and Amanda. We were so happy we could be there!

Tim so excited to show us Paul Revere's house and the Freedom Trail in Boston.
Of course, we had to go to Cheers!

We also took a trip to Lake Tahoe with the Jones family. It is so much fun to have another kid around to entertain Parker.

Dinner out with all the kiddos!

Waiting for a high five from the roller skater.
I want to go on the boat!
Boat time!
Beach time. Hey Dad can you help me get out of this?!
Finally, we headed up to Bend, Oregon to meet up with the wonderful Perry family. We had such a blast.

The view from the amazing house!
Parker and Olivia on the "misimo" or motorcycle.
Enjoying some Baby Einstein with Olivia!
Swing time!
Miss you already Andrea. You are such a wonderful mother!

We are finished with traveling for the most part until the holidays come around. Baby #2 is due to arrive on September 4. Wow what a different experience it is being pregnant with the second. You have absolutely no time while chasing around a toddler. We are constantly on the go with swim lessons, play dates, story time, trying to potty train and tumbling at the gym. It is so hard to believe that the summer is almost finished. 2 more weeks with my little man and then it is back to work for me no matter how huge I am