Thursday, December 23, 2010

Christmas Round 1

I have been a horrible blogger lately. Guess that is what happens when you have two kids:) I will try and update you on what we have been doing lately. We have had a wonderful December so far. The first weekend we went to Sacramento to celebrate Papa Frank's birthday with sing a long Christmas carols and good cheer with family friends. The following weekend we celebrated Parker's dear friend Bryn's second birthday and went to an ugly Christmas sweater party. Both were a blast. This past weekend we had Budge's company party and made the trek down to the Bay Area to celebrate Christmas with my family early. Parker is so into Santa and Christmas this year that I wanted to be home for him to wake up and open presents. While we were in the bay, we had a full household of babies. My dad and Pam went from having one grandson to having four grandkids this year. Recently, my stepbrother Eric and his wife Akiko, welcomed into the world baby Anica on December 14. My sister's baby is 5 months old and Colton is 3 months old. We enjoyed spending time with family, taking the boys to the farm, going to the Discovery museum and watching Parker open presents. He is a kick. There will be a video to come which will make everyone laugh. Until then, here are a few photos. Hope you enjoy and Merry Christmas to everyone. Now off to finish wrapping and getting the goodies ready for Santa's cookies. Love to all!
Take one of grandparent picture. Parker looks as if he is going to run over the little cousins.

Oh no now the babies are fussing but P is smiling.
Grandparents looking but P is more interested in the truck.
My sister and her beautiful family.
Trying to get our family photo. Not going to happen.
Parker with his cousins and baby brother. Crazy to think next Christmas all of them will be walking.

On activity for the rainy weather making the Trader Joe's gingerbread house. Don't ask me how many candies P ate.
Dad thinks he can help make it look better.

Love you buddy!
Parker with the Pearce's.
C and I.
Colton and Riley. About the same size and 2 months different. Guess boys are bigger.

Parker loved to wash the toy mini all day long. Sorry about the water bill Nona and PopPop:)

Loves his monster truck!

Budge and I had a date with Parker to the Discovery Museum in San Jose. Just so happens that Bob the Builder was there and Parker loves that show.

Awesome water table.

Loves reading to Colton.

Great Grammie, Colton loves you and thanks you for holding him!

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Thanksgiving 2010 & Tree Cutting

I hope everyone enjoyed the Thanksgiving holiday. We had an early Thanksgiving with my family and headed up to Lake Almanor for Thanksgiving with Papa Bill. There was a ton of snow on the ground. Parker enjoyed sledding and playing in it until his hands were freezing. On Friday we headed out to get our Christmas tree. Thank goodness we had Uncle Chris with us or else I think we would have given up and bought a tree back in town. Parker was on Budge's back the whole time and towards the end he would tell the boys "that tree is fine for Santa". Parker is getting quite an imagination and wants to know where everything lives. Colton is beginning to track objects, smile and coo along with looking at his hands for hours at a time. He is fascinated with them. He is getting so big. It is amazing how fast time goes. Can't believe Christmas is right around the corner. Wonder if I will find time to do our annual Christmas card or better yet find a picture to put on it. Heck I have not even done an announcement for Colton. Oh well. Enjoy the week ahead.

Building a bird feeder with Papa Bill. Gotta love the goggles!

First time sledding!

All smiles!


Ready to go tree cutting!
Loading up!

The search begins!

Finally found one! Ho Ho Ho Merry Christmas!

Sunday, November 21, 2010

A post just for Colton

I feel as though Colton has not got much face time on this blog. My dad and grandma are visiting us for an early Thanksgiving and my dad brought up a CD with Colton images. Here are some. Hope you have a great Sunday!