Sunday, June 28, 2009

Wedding Shower and Hot Weather!!

P with mom and the bride to be!! Lucky guy!!

This past weekend was my sister's bridal shower in the Bay Area. Parker and I made the trek down on Thursday morning. He slept most of the way and when he did wake up he just wanted Cheerios to munch on. We got to Los Altos mid afternoon and Pam decided she would watch Parker while I went shopping at Stanford. This was such a treat for me as I do not remember the last time I was in a dressing room alone or without all the bags and stroller that goes along with bringing Parker shopping with me. Thank you so much Pam for my afternoon of shopping. The shower was on Saturday so we spent most of Friday getting everything ready and playing with Parker. He loves to throw the ball to the dog which keeps him busy for awhile. Saturday morning came and my dad watched Parker the pretty much the whole day. They went for a walk and made asurprise appearance at the shower. We went to a great seafood restaurant on Saturday night and Parker did so well. It was also over 100 degrees so we put him in the fountain for a bit. Our drive back up to good old Redding town was quite eventful as he was up the whole time and wanted to be entertained while I was driving. We had some moments of crying. Oh well. Looking forward to the fourth back in the Bay Area. Should be a great time with old friends. Have a great week everyone!

This is from a couple of weeks ago in Frank's car.

Sleeping in the bike trailer!

He really likes hanging out in the bike trailer.

Sitting at the dinner table and P needed to be distracted so I gave him an ad from the mail. He pointed straight to the vaccums. Cracks me up! Maybe he will enjoy going shopping with his mom.

In the kitchen sink for a bath.

The desserts. Love Sprinkle's cupcakes.

The room for the shower.

At the shower for my sister.

All of us!

Parker made an appearance at the shower and was passed around like crazy.

Getting ready to go to dinner.

At the fountains after the delicious dinner.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Moving and Father's Day 2009

We officially moved last Thursday. My first week of summer vacation was spent trying to care for Parker, pack boxes while he was napping and move them down the road. We are in still a bit of chaos but hopefully in the next couple of weeks we will feel more settled. We painted Parker's room with waves and want to make it more of a surf room. I will send pictures once the boxes and other things are put away. As for Father's Day weekend, we headed up to Lake Almanor and had a relaxing weekend up there. It was a good break for us with moving and all. I am headed down to the Bay Area this weekend with Parker for my sister's bridal shower. Parker remains to be a healthy, happy, although he did throw his first tantrum in Trader Joe's the other day, little boy. He points to everything, is a crawling machine and just makes us smile everyday. We could not be luckier. Hope all of you are having a great week!

Ready to go fishing!

One big boy.

Loves trucks and cars.

Sat on the porch and played for most of the weekend.

Father's Day morning with the Haedrich men.

Can I wheel the truck on your head Dad?

Doing wheelies.

Loves the ones that make noise.

While dad gets the happy Parker, mom has to deal with the crying Parker. Guess that is what you do on Father's Day or wait a minute isn't that everyday?!

He can sit in the big boy swing, and likes it.

To end Father's Day we headed to Grandpa Bill's house for a swim. Not sure if he liked it or not.

All day long this is what he does. Points to where he wants me to take him.

He has sort of mastered climbing up stairs. Coming down is a different story.

Of course, end the afternoon with some Cheerios and sippy cup.

Sunday, June 14, 2009

The First Birthday Party!

Summer has officially begun for me. My last day was on Friday. I am keeping my fingers crossed that I will be able to teach first grade in the fall. I have no idea about the job situation until August. Oh well! More time to be mom, and on that note, we had Parker's first birthday party on Saturday at Brandy Creek Beach. I was a little concerned about the weather as we have experienced some pretty amazing thunderstorms. Luckily, we woke up to a partly cloudy day and headed out Whiskeytown Lake. Parker loved the water in fact he scooched right into the water at one point. Parker was surrounded by his great grandparents, all of his grandparents and two of his aunts both of which came from out of town, along with some great family friends. It was a great picnic party and he made out like a bandit. Oh and to think what Christmas will be like this year. Hope this email finds everyone well. I have to mention that our great friends Andrea and Doug had there baby girl on Friday! Congrats on baby Olivia. We cannot wait to meet her in July. Enjoy the pictures.

First birthday present. A tow truck!

Reading while we were setting up the tables.

Sitting with Grandma Pam on the beach.

Putting our feet in the water.

Chewing on a spoon.

Hanging out with great grandma!

Parker and his best girlfriend, Bryn. Thanks for coming to my party!

Holly, Kyle and Bryn and us!

All the presents. Crazy!
The paparazzi!
It's my party and I can cry if I want to.
He loved all of his presents but the car from Grandpa Bill really grabbed his attention.

Playing with his new car even though it is not put together.

Such a driver.

We did things alittle backwards and opened presents before the cake. Oh well!

The cake!

I took the cake away for a minute and this is the reaction I got.

He loves this toy at daycare and he seems to enjoy it at home too. Thanks to baby Bryn.

All put together at home.