Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Oh What a Night!

We had a wonderful weekend. Saturday was almost 80 degrees and Parker and I hosted about 4 couples on walkthroughs of our house. No offers yet! Oh well! Saturday night Parker started to get a cough. Great Aunt Kathy and Uncle Bill came over to babysit on Saturday night so we could go out to dinner. They said he was all smiles the whole evening. Sunday came and Parker started to get weepy eyes, congestion, cough and fever. I thought nothing of it as he had just gone through this common cold symptoms about three weeks ago. Needless to say there was no sleeping in the Haedrich household on Sunday night.
Budge decided to stay home with Parker on Monday. Thank goodness! I left school immediately when my class kids left to come home and relieve Budge. I came home to a very sleepy baby who hadn't done much of anything. I tried to give him liquids and everything nothing worked. He was not himself. When Budge got back from work, we headed to the ER and were seen so quickly. I was quite amazed. He was dehydrated and had to have an IV. It was hard to watch and although he is not back to his total normal self he is doing much better. I stayed home with him today and we might try daycare tomorrow. To all of you who have kids or are going to have kids, it is the worst thing to have a sick one. Wish us luck tonight. Here are some photos from the ER. He really liked the big hospital bed.

Trying to get him to suck on a popsicle.

Wanting to distract him with a sticker.

I sort of feel awful that I am smiling in this photo. I had to hold up this oxygen cup to his mouth and he did not like me for it.

This is prior to the whole sickness thing in a cute spring outfit.

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Birthday Fun!

I had a great birthday with Budge and Parker on Friday and thank you for all your birthday wishes. Budge made an amazing meal and Parker was very well behaved for all of it. The weather could not have been nice (78 degrees) and it was overall just a nice birthday. My dad and Pam came up on Saturday to take us to dinner which is always a nice treat. Each day Parker is getting closer and closer to crawling. He has perfected rolling to get to what he wants. He continues to babble all the time and keeps us smiling. Enjoy your week!!

Parker watching my cake at Linda's birthday dinner. He did not like the frosting. Wonder if he will at his first birthday?

Parker and I after a run.
Parker played with his toys the whole time Budge and I ate dinner. Thanks Budge for a delicious meal!

The other day Parker was cracking up at Kadie eating. I had to post it.

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Friday, March 13, 2009

9 months and no excuse!

Parker is 9 months old as of Tuesday and there is no excuse for me not to have updated the blog in over two weeks. Life is hectic, and with the spring time weather, all I want to do is be outside with the little man. According to our appointment on Tuesday, Parker now weighs 25 pounds and is 31 and 3/4 inches long. The doctor says he is a healthy, happy baby boy. Only thing we need to work on is crawling. He is almost there, but prefers to roll or cry until picked up from his tummy. Once he is crawling, I will post a video, as we have been practicing for days.
As for what has been going on in our household, Budge went to Montreal a couple of weekends ago for a bachelor party. My mom and sister came up to keep us company. We had blast together and Parker always enjoys hanging out with Grandma and Aunt Chelsea.
Last week was a crazy one for our family as Parker got his first sickness with a fever. Paranoid as I am go to the doctor's office in a crazy hail storm only to find out that he is fighting the common cold. I had to take two half days from work but now he is back to his old smiley self. Now I know what to expect with a sick child = want to be held all the time and get nothing done! Can't say I did not enjoy the mid day naps! We finally put the for sale sign in front of our house on Sunday. Amazingly we have had a great response but no takers yet. My outlook is still good although it is sad to have to move. I hope this post finds everyone well and I will be better at posting I promise.
Listening to Grandma Mady!
Loves to read!

Thinking my mom is crazy for hanging out in the front yard!

Love the expression!

He loves KD the dog!
Yummy yogurt!

What a clean up!! Next time just a diaper!