Thursday, August 27, 2009

Forgot to post a couple of pics!

So good to see Andrea and Doug at Kelly's wedding!

Classic P reading a book!

Love that face!

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Summer of weddings!

Finally our computer is fixed and I can update this blog. As you can see in the last post, Grandma Linda's wedding was a fun one. The following weekend we headed to Pleasanton for Kelly and Eric's wedding. Another beautiful ceremony and reception. Last weekend was my little sister's wedding in Oregon. We left right after work on Thursday and drove as far as we could. (Made it to Eugene) Parker was a dream traveler. Loves to point and scream at the trucks, look at books and play with his toys. We took the gas guzzling truck up there thinking we would need the DVD player. Turns out we turned it on for a few minutes on the way home and he was not interested at all. As we are driving on Thursday, We get a call from Grandma Linda asking us if we have Parker stuff because there is a bag in his room. Budge and I looked at each other and realized we had left all of his stuff at home except the tux as that was on a hanger. Went to Target on Friday morning quickly to get a few things. After all of our travels, I am actually surprised this is the first time this has happened to us. Chelsea and Ryan we wish you a lifetime of happiness. This weekend's schedule stay at home and get our life back in order. Oh yeah, P got pink eye this week. Not so fun for dad as he had to stay home with him, but as a good dad he said he actually enjoyed staying home with the little man. Well, got to go to those first graders and get P out of bed. Enjoy the rest of the week. It is almost Friday. Yeah!!

The rehearsal dinner was at an historic Masonic Lodge outside of Portland.

P standing, still not walking!

Moving his cars around the picnic bench.

Brian trying to get P to walk.

P waiting for the rehearsal to begin!

Test run!

P and the beautiful bride to be.

P with dad and Ashley at the dinner!

Our family but not the greatest picture. He loved eating the straws.

The next day was the wedding. We tried to tire P out by crawling all around our hotel room but it did not work. Budge took him to the pool as I left to get ready with the girls. Turned out he feel asleep an hour before the ceremony.

Budge had to get him ready while he was sleeping.

Everyone in the bridal lounge. P did not know what to do.

Mom, Chel and I.

First Dance.

Having too much fun while P is asleep in the Pack N Play. He slept through the entire reception.

Friday, August 14, 2009

Back to Work I Go!

Unfortunately, our computer sort of died and that is why I have not been able to update the wedding photos.  (If you are curious, you can see them at  P looked so cute in his tux.  Hopefully the computer will be back up and running shortly.  I started back to work this week and P started back at daycare.  I have really enjoyed this summer with him and am once again going to be looking forward to the weekends hanging out with the little man.  We are off to Pleasanton for Kelly's wedding.  Always so much fun seeing old college buddies and then we are off to Portland next Thursday night for my sister's wedding.  Hope everyone has a great weekend!  Keep your fingers crossed that our computer is ok!

Monday, August 10, 2009

Tahoe here we come!

Parker and I woke up early on Thursday morning to head up to Tahoe. He is such a good little traveler. We arrived to cold weather and even some rain. It was some surprising weather for Tahoe and thank goodness I packed some warm clothes for P. We hung out Thursday, enjoyed a yummy BBQ with friends and family. That evening we headed over to Lone Eagle Grille and listened to some music. It was a great night for the beginning of a great weekend!

Parker with Aunt Kim and Cousin Mike. Grandma Linda had to buy P a beanie because it was so cold.

P with Great Aunt Kathy and Grandma Linda.

Grandma and P.

P and I at the fire pit.

At the fire pit, telling Parker that it is very hot.
Having fun by the fire pit.

On Friday morning, it was still pretty chilly. We went for a walk/run and decided to hang out at the condo beach. Parker loves the sand especially throwing it at everyone. That evening, friends and family came over for appetizers before heading over to listen to more music and people watch.

Parker enjoys vacuums for some reason.

Playing in the kayak!

Us on the pier. We got him to smile. Yippee!

Throwing sand everywhere.

Looking at the fake coyote on the beach to scare away the geese.

Gazing out over Lake Tahoe. Such a beautiful spot!!

Having fun in the kayak!

Cool dude with the sunglasses on.

A much needed nap poolside while mommy went to have a massage. Thanks Linda and Frank. I needed one of those.

The wedding morning begins... Next post the wedding day!

A Visit to Great Grandma and Grandpa!

On our way to Lake Tahoe this weekend, Parker and I decided to go early and spend the night at my grandparents. They were so excited to see him. They took us out to dinner and P amazed them at sitting through dinner. Here are some photos of our night. Thanks again for letting us come by. See you in few weeks for Chelsea's wedding.

Playing peek a boo with my grandparents.

Love this picture. My grandma just loves hanging out with P. He cracks her up!

P standing in shoes. He is too funny.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Little video action!

Here are a couple videos of the little man. He stood on his own yesterday but has not mastered that skill.

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Some Fun In The Sun!

Like I mentioned before, we stayed home this weekend and got a ton of things done around the house. I headed down to my classroom early Saturday to get organized for the year head. While I was gone Budge and Parker went to the Farmer's Market and planted some flowers in the front yard. I mention this because Budge said Parker enjoyed it so much that he was covered from head to toe in dirt. That kid loves to get dirty and it does not bother him one bit. Too bad Budge didn't get a photo. I am sure we will one of these days. We had a great dinner at Grandpa Bill's on Friday night. Parker loved the swimming pool!

Shark man!

Not so relaxed.

Loved the crossed ankles. Now he is loving it.

Fascinated with the filter.

P enjoying time with Grandpa!
His new red chair. I could not resist!

Laughing away.

Newest thing: standing with support from his crib to pull his blanket out. He loves his blanket.