Saturday, February 20, 2010

And soon we will be a family of four!

Some of you might have heard our latest news that we are expecting another little one on September 4th. We are very excited! Parker broke the news to the family and the school by wearing this shirt that says "I have a secret..." and on the back it says "I am going to be a big brother." Everyone loved it.
As for this weekend, Aunt Kim flew up from San Diego. Parker enjoyed seeing her. Next weekend we are headed up to the snow in Tahoe. Hope everyone had a great weekend!

Just a random one from today while mowing the lawn with dad. He asked for the sunglasses.

Hawaii 2010

We just got back from a wonderful week in Hawaii with my family. Parker was such a trooper on all the flights. He loved playing in the sand and we enjoyed the warm weather. Enjoy the pictures! WARNING: Long post!

All ready to go with his blanket and sippy cup.

Thanks Uncle Chris for letting us borrow your iTouch. Parker enjoyed watching the "choo-choo" on it.

Had a great time in the Honolulu airport watching the planes and playing with all the other kids!

Why don't my parents give me this guava stuff more often??

AHH! Arrival in Kauai. Jeans off, new diaper and my shades on!

Looking out at the ocean!

I'm ready! Let's go down to the pool!

We were ready to go down also.

We wake up the next morning to a beautiful day. We spent the day at the beach at the hotel building sandcastles, playing in the ocean and soaking up the rays!

About to take a nap on the lounge chair!

The next day we headed to a kid friendly beach called Lydgate Beach.

Playing with his trucks in the sand.

Sand boogie boarding!

Napping on the beach!

On Wednesday, my dad and Budge went scuba diving. The girls decided to go for a walk along with the golf course.

Overlooking where the Ritz Carlton is supposed to go.

Being funny!

On dad's paddle board.

That night we even got to go on a date and enjoy the sunset. Parker was in good hands with the rest of the family.

On Thursday, it was a bit chilly but we decided to head out to a beach for a few rays and boogie boarding.

Once again playing with the sand toys.

Lunchtime at Duane's ono burgers!

Yummy milkshake! Another drink he has no idea why his parents do not let him drink it all the time.

To end the trip we went whale watching. I should say Parker and Budge did while got a little sea sick. Oh well.

This local was playing music and Parker loved it.

The whole family. Happy birthday Pam! Hope you enjoyed the week!

Before leaving we did a little shopping and what did Parker find but a white truck with a surf board on it. That is all he wanted.

Heading home! Can't wait to go back again sometime soon!

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Happy Valentine's Day!

And we are off to Hawaii for a week. So excited to get out of town and the rain. Aloha! Have a great Valentine's Day and week ahead. Pictures to come next week. Sorry about lagging on updating the blog lately.