Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Christmas Day 2009

We left Tim and Tania's early on Christmas morning to make it back to my dad's house for opening presents and his annual omelettes. Of course, Parker made out like a bandit. He had the biggest pile of presents in the living room. This year he actually tried to open the presents and rip the paper, but low and behold, he still enjoyed playing with boxes. I cannot wait to see what next year brings. Dad and Pam thank you for all the hospitality and gifts. We really appreciate it. See you in 2010!

Parker and his pile of presents!

Trying to untie.

Thomas the train from Grandma and Grandpa!

Thomas tent and chute.

Grandpa Brent making breakfast.

Everyone enjoying this Christmas tradition.

Playing with the train.

Loving the tickle me Elmo for his Aunt Chelsea and Uncle Ryan!

On Saturday we headed to the zoo with my parents along with Ashley and Brian, our friends from Denver. I am so bummed I did not get any pictures of all of us together. Parker walked the whole zoo it seemed like and enjoy it even though it was pretty cold. He is pretty good at some animal sounds.

Train so we had to take a picture.


Grizzly bear.

Sitting on the grizzly bear statue.

Looking at the polar bears.

Some crazy bird I forget the name of.

The giraffe. P was worn out and wanted a ride in the stroller.

Brian holding Parker up for a better look.

We have lots to look forward to in 2010. My sister is having a baby in August, Dave and Amanda are getting married in NY in June, and Ashley and Brian are getting married sometime in the fall here in CA. So exciting. Hope this new year brings you all the happiness in the world. Now on to clean up the house as we are hosting a New York New Year's Eve party here. With kids, you celebrate at 9. Midnight is way past my bedtime these days:)

Monday, December 28, 2009

Christmas Eve 2009

After Sacramento, we continued our Christmas adventure down to the Bay Area to spend the actual holiday with my dad and stepmom. We decided to attend Tim and Tania's annual Christmas Eve festivities in Orinda. They had amazing food and a nine piece mariachi band. We could not have had a better time. Parker loves music and was having a blast sitting around watching them play and even tried to dance. Check out the video. We woke up Christmas morning at Tim and Tania's. Probably the last year P is not going to truly understand Christmas. He had an awesome train set to open from them. We headed back down to my Dad's for our annual omelette breakfast and game day!

Uncle Timmy reading to P.

Budge and P before the band.

Watching the band warm up.

Our future musician!

Dancing with dad and Tania!

My little man. Could not be a happier mom.

Ready to dance!

Trying on the cowboy boots!

Train set! Choo Choo!

3rd Christmas with Grandma Linda and Frank!

We headed down to Sacramento on Tuesday afternoon to spend time with Linda and Frank. Parker absolutely loved the remote control train and feeding the ducks. He is going to become a basketball star with his new basketball hoop and loves to drive around his dump truck. They also got P one of those Zhu Zhu pets and he chases it around. We all had such a great time visiting! Thanks again for everything Linda and Frank!

Feeding the ducks!

Beep! Beep!

Basketball hoop.

Next morning playing with the remote control train. He loves his new construction truck pajamas.

Grandma Linda and P!

Reading a new tractor book from Uncle Chris!

Still trying to figure out how the magnets work on the train.

Feeding the ducks before we left. He is actually trying to say "cheese". Cracks me up.

Ok... now on to Christmas Eve!

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

2nd Christmas with Grandpa Bill!

Last night we celebrated our second family Christmas. We enjoyed lobster and watching Parker's expression while opening the gifts. Thanks Grandpa Bill for the easel!

The Haedrich boys!

For some reason Parker will not put on a hat but will wear a collander.

Wanted to push the present rather than open it.

Monday, December 21, 2009

First of our four christmases!

On Saturday, my mom and sister came to visit and celebrate an early Christmas. Parker had a blast with his new red wagon. Thanks mom! The weather has been sort of gloomy so it has been nice to be able to get the house somewhat clean and presents wrapped. Tonight we will enjoy some yummy food with Grandpa Bill for our second Christmas. Tomorrow we head down to Sacramento to celebrate with Grandma Linda and Frank! And lastly on Wednesday, we head down to the bay area to spend the actual Christmas holiday with friends and my dad and stepmom. I hope everyone is enjoying this holiday season.

Fixing the vacuum with dad. He even has his own phillips screwdriver!

New chair Grandma Mady gave him!

Going for a ride in the new red wagon!

Parker is obsessed with construction trucks or any trucks for that matter. Every time we go somewhere and we see a pickup he always says "dada"! Here is his new placemat.

We had to get out of the house so when there was a break in the rain we headed down to the fairgrounds to enjoy some lights. Not the best but it was fun.

Notice the pickup in his hand. Can't go anywhere without one!

Riding the train!

Got to love the look on his face. I wonder what he is thinking!