Sunday, January 24, 2010

Rain Rain Go Away!

Geez! I have been awful about updating the blog. Sorry about that. To be honest, I really have nothing to report since we have been stuck inside due to the miserable weather. For those of you who are or were teachers, you can understand how much I dread inside recess. It is like the death of me. Oh well hopefully the sun will shine again soon and in exactly three weeks we are off to Hawaii. I think I can make it that long:)

As for Parker man, he is running around, chattering up a storm, loving books still, picks up on anything you say and would like to repeat it, loves to take things apart and then put it back together and he is a great help when it comes to cleaning up. He got his second hair cut on Tuesday and is looking more like a little boy each day. He keeps me on my toes always saying "up" mama whenever I sit down. He loves puzzles, coloring and playdough. Hope everyone has a great week. We are off to San Francisco next weekend to say goodbye to my sister as she is moving to Arizona.

Here are some photos of the little man. Enjoy!

Thomas the train rain coat and boots!

This is how I find him most mornings and evenings, climbing to get books.

Nothing like sunglasses and a tape measure to keep him amused for a bit.

Sunday, January 3, 2010

New Year's and Snowshoeing

We hosted a New York New Year's Eve party at our house this year. We had about 20 people come over and the kids had a great time running around enjoying themselves. Today for my last day of vacation, back to work tomorrow, we went snowshoeing at Castle Lake by Mount Shasta. It was so beautiful and P liked it. Hope everyone has a great first week of the new year!

Our dear friends, Holly, Kyle and Bryn!

Bryn and Parker on his new dump truck!

Tania and Corey!

The boys and their boys.

Parker playing with Corey!

Taking a load off watching the Rose Parade!

Uncle Timmy reading to Parker and Corey. Wow pretty impressive!

Getting ready to go!

Crossing the lake!

Taking a break!

Family pic snowshoeing up to the ridge!