Monday, August 23, 2010

Biking and less than 2 weeks to go!

We have been enjoying the cooler weather in the evening while Parker bike rides around the neighborhood. He is getting to be quite the pro on his balance bike. I have a video attached for you all to watch. We are on the count down to met the next addition to the family. I am getting more excited each day and who wouldn't be excited to see their own feet again. The new baby's nursery is a simple design done by Budge and I a few weeks ago. Hope everyone enjoys the week ahead!

Mom and P.

The new baby's room

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Back to work I go!!

This past week, Parker started his new school which he seems to be adjusting to along with me. It was such a blessing for the first two years of his life to have him go to school with me. Something I think I took for granted. I have to be thankful that he is in great hands and has his special friend Bryn going to school with him. His teachers are super nice and they have tons of activities going on. He comes home and can tell me what they do each day. As for me, I went back to my classroom this week to get prepared for the upcoming school year. I am feeling a little overwhelmed knowing that I am only 4 weeks away from this next baby. Still no name for those who are wondering. This second pregnancy has been such a different experience from the first. He moves all the time especially at night and we are just getting excited to meet him. Budge took Parker up to Fall River this weekend which has been nice for me to get somethings done. Thanks Budge you are such a wonderful dad and I have appreciated the me time as I will not have that again for a long while. Hope everyone enjoys their week.

Enjoying Lake Siskiyou!

Mount Shasta in the background. Beautiful lake!

Yummy watermelon!