Sunday, November 28, 2010

Thanksgiving 2010 & Tree Cutting

I hope everyone enjoyed the Thanksgiving holiday. We had an early Thanksgiving with my family and headed up to Lake Almanor for Thanksgiving with Papa Bill. There was a ton of snow on the ground. Parker enjoyed sledding and playing in it until his hands were freezing. On Friday we headed out to get our Christmas tree. Thank goodness we had Uncle Chris with us or else I think we would have given up and bought a tree back in town. Parker was on Budge's back the whole time and towards the end he would tell the boys "that tree is fine for Santa". Parker is getting quite an imagination and wants to know where everything lives. Colton is beginning to track objects, smile and coo along with looking at his hands for hours at a time. He is fascinated with them. He is getting so big. It is amazing how fast time goes. Can't believe Christmas is right around the corner. Wonder if I will find time to do our annual Christmas card or better yet find a picture to put on it. Heck I have not even done an announcement for Colton. Oh well. Enjoy the week ahead.

Building a bird feeder with Papa Bill. Gotta love the goggles!

First time sledding!

All smiles!


Ready to go tree cutting!
Loading up!

The search begins!

Finally found one! Ho Ho Ho Merry Christmas!

Sunday, November 21, 2010

A post just for Colton

I feel as though Colton has not got much face time on this blog. My dad and grandma are visiting us for an early Thanksgiving and my dad brought up a CD with Colton images. Here are some. Hope you have a great Sunday!

Monday, November 15, 2010

2 months old

Colton was two months old last Friday. I have no idea where the past two months have gone. He weighs 12.8 pounds and is 23.5 inches long. The doctor said he is healthy and in the 50th percentile. So different from P who was in the 95th percentile. He is beginning to smile at everything which melts my heart. He is trying to sleep longer although we have yet to make through the night. He loves watching his big brother. We headed up to Lake Almanor for the long weekend. It was a bit chilly but we still had a great time taking the boys to the snow at Lassen Park. Parker loves the snow in fact he was crawling around in it and wanted to make a snowman. Getting our Christmas tree this year is going to be magical. Of course fishing was included in our weekend activities. Enjoy the pictures.

Our little Colton!

His snowsuit cracks me up!
Snowman as big as him.
Loving the snow. Just wants to eat it.

Showing Dad the rocks we were going to throw in the lake!

Our little fisherman!
Trying for a family photo but guess where P is ... fishing.

Thanks Papa for taking me to the lake house.
Mom I want to be a photographer

Monday, November 8, 2010

To be a kid again...

Hmmm...wonder which parent he gets this pose from?!

Serious puddle jumper

Checking for cars

Jumping away

Mama I see a fish in there!
This is what we did for about a half an hour on Sunday! You gotta love an almost 2 and half year old. Colton is two months on Friday. I will dedicate a post to that little man then.

Monday, November 1, 2010

Halloween 2010

Well, I made it through my first full week back at work. I have a wonderful class so I cannot complain but it is hard to leave the boys in the morning. We had a pretty wet week so there were plenty of puddles for Parker to play in on Saturday morning at the Farmer's Market. I wish I had a camera because he was having the time of his life. Saturday night Budge took the kids down to my school for our annual fall festival. Parker enjoyed playing the games at the booths and was scared by the man with the mask at the haunted house. He woke up the next morning telling me "Mommy, man in mask went Roar!" I had to work the ticket booth so I did not get to enjoy the festivities with them. Colton has been a great baby. He is quite the trooper going everywhere with us and is mesmerized by his big brother. He is sleeping pretty well 4 hour stints here and there but the past two nights he has only wanted to sleep in the swing after the middle of the night feeding. Currently, I am on survival mode and am just going with the flow on that one. One of these breaks I will try to cease that habit if it becomes one.
Onto Halloween, what a difference a year makes! Last year, Parker had no idea what the whole trick or treating thing was, however this year he was trying to keep up with the big kids and it was hilarious watching him walk up to every house and say trick-or-treat. The majority of the time he even said thank you too. Working on manners is constant. Anyways, now mom and dad have a ton of candy to get rid of as we are trying to get rid of the pregnancy pounds. We tried to get pictures but P was alittle to into the festivities. Have a great first week of November. Oh yeah, GO GIANTS!!! I am so excited that they won. Now I need to try to explain to P that we do not normally watch tv at night. hmmm.

Cupcake making or should I say destroying!

The trick or treating clan!