Wednesday, January 26, 2011

2011 is under way!

It truly amazes me that January is almost over. Colton turned four months and has his two bottom teeth. He giggles, smiles, babbles, tries to roll over, squirms everywhere and loves watching his older brother. He weighs 15 pounds and is 26 inches long. He is still in the 50th percentile. So different from his brother who still is in the 98th percentile for everything. Colton is a great baby and each day something is changing with him. As I am watching my second child grow, I realize all the things you forget with your first. I am just taking it all in and enjoying motherhood more. Never thought I would say that:)
As for Parker, well he is full throttle into his twos. Throwing fits here and there, challenging us on our parenting and is an overall joy to be around. I really mean that. There is nothing better than for family and friends to say what a great boy he is. He says hi to everyone anywhere we go, does and says silly things to make us smile, and comes home covered in dirt most days. He absolutely loves Colton and is so protective of him. We are in the process of potty training which is interesting to say the least. For all of you who have been through this what did you do:) He gets better each day but I think our washing machine has never seen so much laundry.

As for us as Budge and Courtney, I have been given the honor to matron of honor at my dear friend Ashley's wedding in May. We had a bridal shower for her this month which was a blast. We are heading to NY for her bachelorette party. First time being away for three nights EVER. I hope Budge can handle it. He is a great father so I am not worried. We continue to work hard and enjoy this AMAZING weather. Lots of outdoor stuff. I cannot believe that it has been over 70 degrees for the past week and half. I promise to be a better blogger and take more pictures. It is true what they say about the second. You do not take nearly as many photos:( Have a great week everyone!
Enjoying a snack at the top of Whiskeytown Falls.
Parker being silly

I think we may have a soccer player on our hands. He loves to go and watch his dad play indoor soccer.
Cookie baking day.

New Year's in Orinda

We drove back down to the Bay Area to hang out with Tim, Tania and Corey for New Year's Eve. Parker and Corey are a kick together. Granted Parker is twice his size they really played well. They loved vaccuming, swifting, playing in the pop up tunnel, throwing plastic balls everywhere and playing in the park. Parker thought that the whole night was someone's birthday. Thanks for a great dinner and party. We all enjoyed it.

Christmas Round 2

So we decided this year that we would like to be home for Christmas morning. We invited the family up to visit the boys for a wine tasting and finger food afternoon. We had a great time! Parker thought Santa was going to be sitting in our living room on Christmas morning. He was yelling down the hall, "Santa! Santa!" Both of the boys were once again spoiled with so many great presents. We thank all of you for making Christmas one of the best this year for them.

Big boy bike from Santa.

New tool bench from Grandma Mady.

Colton hanging out.
Ready for the party to begin.