Monday, April 25, 2011

Easter 2011

We started off our Easter weekend with the arrival of Aunt Kim on Friday night. All of us headed over to Kathy's house for dinner since all the cousins were in town. On Saturday, my dad and Pam headed up. We walked around this Earth Day festival and then came home to dye Easter eggs. Last year Parker did this and liked it but man how much changes in a year. He was so in to it this year and wanted to drop all the eggs in the dye. We started off with a spin art dye machine but it did not work well, so we resorted to the old dye.

After dying eggs, Nona and PopPop thought it would be fun to give the boys their Easter baskets. Let's just say there will never be Easter grass in a basket again. Crazy mess but P loved it.

On Easter morning, the bunny had left a trail of eggs to the boys Easter baskets.

We had the whole family over minus a few. The grand total was 22. Family is so important. Here are some pictures.

Helping make breakfast.

Aunt Kim and Colton.

Playing with the eggs.

Starting to eat.
Future soccer star

Thank you everyone for making our Easter a great one!

After everyone left, we headed out for a walk and to go fishing.

Like father like son!

Fishing for a bit...

then off to play in the pond.

Colton and I just watching.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011


I know it has been awhile but now I am on Spring Break so thought I should attempt to update this blog. Recently, we took a trip to the farm to get out of the house. Here is Parker's typical cheese smile these days. I still think he is adorable. Parker has moved up to the new preschool room and is potty trained for the most part except at night. I cannot believe he will be three in about a month. Time flies.

Future fireman...maybe!

mooing like a cow

Ryan and a whole bunch of guys participated in a fundraiser called "Walk a Mile In Her Shoes" to bring awareness to domestic violence. Basically, the men had to walk a mile in high heels and Parker wanted to participate. Thank goodness for having his girlfriend Bryn loan him some shoes.

Typical Friday night watching the Muppets. I know I am still against TV but by the end of the week I am exhausted.

My two favorite guys!

Happy Hollow Park in the Bay Area. This experience proved that Parker will love Disneyland. We did not even get a chance to see the zoo part because he loved the rides.


Cousins playing.

Baby Colton

Our visit with Great Grandma Dyson!