Saturday, August 27, 2011

Summer 2011

Well, summer officially came to end for me two weeks ago when school started back up. The boys and I lots of little mini vacations. We drove to Tahoe twice, Lake Almanor, Black Butte Oregon and to the bay area. Colton is almost a year now. He constantly babbles and is taking a few steps here and there. I am pretty positive he will be moving by his first birthday. Parker starts official preschool on Monday and is so excited to start learning. I have to say it makes me so happy. Being the teacher, I already have pencils ready for him to start writing his name. As for Budge and I, we are just getting back into the swing of both of us working again. Hope you enjoy a few photos from our summer.

Colton getting his first haircut by Grandma Linda.

Boating time. Life is rough for these two.

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